BonJu Super Green Smoothies



Design: Toby Marsh Creative
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: BonJu
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Smoothies and Juices
Packaging Substrate / Materials: rPET transparent bottles
Printing Process: Screen printing

TMC were asked to build a brand for a range of premium super green smoothies and juices – the first of its kind in Geneva. We focused on pioneering and creating the market in Switzerland following the juicing trends in the UK and US. BonJu taps into the increasing desire for consumers to eat and live a healthier lifestyle, providing some much-needed nutritional TLC for their busy work and social lives.

We set out to capture Founder Judy’s expertise and abundant creativity and enthusiasm around health and nutrition. This aim stretched throughout the strategy of the project, from naming, to the identity and packaging design to brand communications.

Brand values around the convenience and rewards of ‘going green’ led to a name that reflects goodness and warmth; ‘bon’ / ‘bonjour’ is combined with the Founder’s name (Judy) and the product itself (‘juice’ / ‘jus’). BonJu was born. A custom logotype is complemented by illustrative icons, a vibrant vegan colour palette, derived from the ingredients, and natural product-centric photography. The brand is applied to rPET transparent bottles that let the green shine through and the brand stand out. The leaf motif is extended from the BonJu logo to the iconic leaf tag design, reinforcing Bonju’s POD and creating a visually arresting ‘forest’ on shelf.

What’s Unique?
From the Founder Judy: “We had a product and a lot of ideas held loosely together by our common mission – to stand out in a crowded marketplace and steal share from some established players to make space on the shelves, for the first-ever FRESH super green smoothie. TMC were able to translate our ambitions and ideas into a strategic brief, and his team’s execution left us breathless. They took our product & package from “good” to “I need to have it”. Due to its superior design and performance, BonJu saw immediate market success – retailers fought to be the first to shelf. Within 6 months, we were distributed in top premium grocery shops across Swiss Romandie, outselling the competitor. BonJu continues to go from strength to strength, expanding its offering into Refreshers and Healthy Shots, and is now growing distribution into Lausanne and neighbouring cities.”