Dairy Culture – frozen smoothies Mix Kit

Derrick Lin


Agency: Studio DEZA
Art-director: Irina Shmidt
Brand strategy: Dasha Erasova
Designer: Ekaterina Starodumova
Visualizer: Roman Titovec
Project Manager: Marta Bekker
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Dairy Culture
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Fruit, Vegetables, Smoothie

After rebranding the main product line, our cooperation with the company “Dairy Culture” continued. The next project was the development of the packaging design of a new product – an innovative line of frozen smoothies Mix Kit.

The main tasks are to reflect the benefit and usability of the product, make the package bright, trendy, attractive to the audience, and stand out on the shelf. The supertask is to convey emotional value through the packaging: a cup of Mix Kit smoothies becomes an integral part of the image, an element of a modern healthy lifestyle that matches the rhythm of life of the target audience.

The Mix Kit is created for young, energetic metropolitan residents who allow themselves to shop above and beyond what is needed, including food. The young audience is in a permanent search for new experiences, a variety of tastes, combinations and bright solutions. But, besides that, the product itself and its composition are also important for them. The trend for health care and the choice of right and healthy products is becoming more and more popular. In addition, the audience is characterized by openness, intelligibility and speed of life, so the package should quickly tell about the product, set the mood, and be associated with a number of popular brands, close to the target audience.

The whole line of smoothies is divided into two collections: vegetable and fruit. The overall visual solution is a picture of fruits and vegetables in the naive art style. Externally the products within each collection can be grown with the help of contrasting cardboard sleeves, on which the composition of smoothies is placed. This clean label satisfies the desire of the target audience to buy the cleanest, most honest and natural products.

Parent brand Mix Kit inherited a rational design aspect – step-by-step cooking instructions on the label, which blends harmoniously with the overall visual concept and color scheme of each category, as well as illustrative identifiers and composition of smoothies on the lid. This allows the packaging to work effectively in both horizontal and vertical lining in freezers among frozen products, which is considered an unusual and non-standard solution for this category of products.

In addition, the packaging in the form of glass adds functional value to the product – it is convenient to prepare and take away, which is especially important in the modern rhythm of life. A smoothie glass becomes an integral part of the culture, image and environment of consumers, an accessory that complements and enhances the image.

Purity, brightness and originality make the packaging modern, fashionable, attractive and understandable for the target audience, and the format «to go», which is unusual for this category of products, allows Mix Kit to stand out from the competitors, easy to recognize and remember.