Vincent Nigita

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Design: Léon Design Agency
Location: Indonesia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Vincent Nigita
Product Launch Location: Asia
Packaging Contents: Pastry, Jam, Chocolate, Spread, Macaron, Tablet
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Glass, Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

Vincent Nigita, dynamic French Pastry Chef based in Bali, and Léon teamed up to develop branding, design and architecture to help establish Nigita’s name and his signature store as the premier spot for the freshest and “Frenchiest” delicacies. At the crossroads of tradition and modernism, the challenge for Léon was to reveal Chef Vincent’s extravagance, passion, techniques and quality pastries in offbeat ways. Roused by the highly artistic millennial Chef, Léon decided to highlight his unique personality. Vincent Nigita himself becomes the key figure of the brand, and his name the trademark. Playing with the codes of fashion, the brand uses simple yet modern designs with a cheerful twist. Classic black bold typography on a white background introduces luscious pastries in close-ups or mugshots of mischievous cooks; funny packaging is thought of as glamourous jewel cases in vibrant tones.