Derrick Lin


Agency: Brandout
Designer: Lennaert van ‘t Loo
Location: Netherlands
Project Type: Produced
Client company: Brouwerij De Lange Lijs
Client: Robbert Gorter
Product Launch Location: Netherlands
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Printing Process: Digital Printing

In the last couple of years the craft beer scene has grown exponentially. Almost every city has its own top local brewery and the competition is high. One of these top local breweries in the Netherlands is Brouwerij De Lange Lijs. Their beer is available in stores and restaurants around the country.

On the original labels that encased the Lange Lijs beer bottles you could clearly see that the theme of the branding was aimed towards outer space. Because space and all adventures that come with it have always been a life long interest and passion for the brewer, it was very important that this theme would not be re-imagined. Especially so that the outer space theme could still be recognizable for existing customers and representative of the brewers original identity.

However the original design of the labelling did not prove impactful enough to help customers recognise the beer on the shelves and to encourage repurchasing of the beverage. Another problem the original design had, was the lack of being able to distinguish different flavours of the brand on the bottles. This made introducing new flavours into the market difficult as one original flavour could not be easily set apart from a new flavour that was being introduced by the brand. And so not being able to show off the innovative and creative side of the beer brewer to his customers.

Therefor my challenge was to initiate a branding revolution that would result in creating a very distinguishable label to help customer recognize and remember the bottle of Lange Lijs beer. Whilst staying true and not losing focus of the original concept and brand identity of the brewer.

After extensive design exploration we settled upon this final design, where the brands logo has been made more visibly impactful and easily draws the eye of the customer. The logo is now the centre of the label design, making it the labels most important feature. A coloured banner was added to easily distinguish the different flavours on the labels, making it more visible for the customer. Which can now also help the brand fuel any additional flavour expansion they may have in mind and no longer have to worry about their bottles being lost in the crowd.

Even with the corona-virus pandemic, sales of the Lange Lijs beer has been growing exponentially.