WIN Creating Images

Berlin, Deutschland

Design: WIN Creating Images
Location: Germany
Project Type: Produced
Client: Womanizer
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Sex Toys

Liberty – A Limited Edition that was designed for Womanizer’s Liberty Range, celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Womanizer and 5 years of sexual fulfillment. To generate a feeling of greatness, Womanizer wanted us to convey the feeling of sexual explosion and colorful celebration by integrating a key visual of vivid, rich confetti. Standing proudly in front of the liberty core range, it sums up everything that Womanizer is – WOW.

What’s Unique?
Womanzier has a big vision to overcome any adverse connotations that may be associated with sex toys and move female sexual self-determination back to centre stage. The idea to achieve this was by making the product highly attractive looking, confident and approachable. Orgasm as a human right is the quintessence of the idea. While creating Womanizer, the team didn’t hold back: the packaging and comms strategy is expressive yet sensual. The packaging has a high level of transparency to give the product its stage. The look and feel is contemporary and accessible and we are proud to play our role in Womanizer’s strong mission.