Art-director, designer: Alexander Cherkasov
3D visualizer: Alexey Avduevsky​​​​​​​
3D modeler: Gennady Podolskiy​​​​​​​
Motion designer: Dmitry Frolov
Assistant: Anna Leonteva
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Pickles

Banka is a package that tracks the shelf life of pickles.

The taste and useful properties of pickles are appreciated in many countries. The most popular are cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage and mushrooms. Farmers and shops sell it by weight. But how can we find out how much weighted pickles are stored? It is sold without an expiration date. Spoiled pickles can cause severe poisoning.

Banka is a smart packaging that takes care of your health. It is covered inside by a special substance, which is safe for humans, it reacts to the development of harmful bacteria in pickles. The reaction area increases and hides the contents as they develop. The product should not be eaten, when the contents are completely hidden. This principle will be understood by people from different countries and cultures. The refrigerator is a bright temple of food, so it was important not to communicate disturbing colors, menacing symbols and inscriptions in the design. The graphic of reaction is neutral and not associated with danger.

Banka has the shape of a classic glass jar, inside of which the product itself is visible. There are provided packages of different volumes. This shape is convenient for storage in the refrigerator and during transportation. A zip-lock is provided for tightness.​​​​​​​