Impuls (Fragrance Product Line by Arket)

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Design: Jincheng (Charlie) Shi
Location: China
Project Type: Student Project
School: Art Center College of Design
Tutor: Dan Hoy
Packaging Contents: Perfume, dryer sheets, scented amulet, and shower soap
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Glass, Plant Fiber
Printing Process: Laser Printing

The name, Impuls, plays on both meanings in Swedish and English. In Swedish, Impuls means “wafting” and in English, Impuls(e) means “instinct” and “activating”. Impuls is a hypothetical perfume line under Arket, a Swedish clothing and lifestyle brand that features quality clothing and objects for men, women, and children.

From afar, the logo feels welcoming but upon closer examination hides its sharp values within the letterforms. Personalized touch is the core value that is strongly rooted in Impuls. The button on the top of the packaging provides the user an olfactory experience from head to toe which and also gives information on the duration of the scent. The reactive nature of the red-orange color in the interior contrasts with the soft exterior, describing the subtle but precise scent that is unforgettable.

What’s Unique?
Arket has a clear image and target audience on the market. Impuls complete the path by offering an olfactory experience.

The percentage of the notes becomes the primary information on the packaging, celebrating the ingredients of the product and the customizable features of Arket. Rather than creating a vague atmosphere, Impuls is one and only fragrance line that focuses on showcasing the idea of notes and the relationship between scent and human.