Sedmero – the first czech vermouth

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Derrick Lin


Manufacturer: ETIFLEX, s.r.o.
Designer: Lukáš Průdek
Location: Czech Republic
Project Type: Produced
Client: VINO J.Stavek
Product Launch Location: Czech Republic
Packaging Contents: Vermouth
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, label
Printing Process: Flexography, hot foil stamping

Seven, the magical prime number, the lucky number and the number of herbs, gave name to the first Moravian vermouth Sedmero. This drink is a product of the Winery of the year 2017 Jan Stávek and bartenders from the Brno‘s Bar, který neexistuje. The magical number is visible also in the shape of the label. The author of the design was inspired by old herbarium. The monochromatic illustration reflects the colour of the vermouth itself. The shade is enriched by white and golden hot foil stamping in detail. The craftsmanship and honesty in production are represented also in the selected material Materica Kraft.

What’s Unique?
The unique shape is working with the number 7. The name of this drink in the Czech language “Sedmero” can be translated as “Seven” and reflects the number of herbs used in the production of the vermouth.