Agency: Openmint
Art Direction: Katerina Teterkina
Illustrator: Dmitry Zhelnov
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: JAF TEA
Product Launch Location: Japan
Packaging Contents: Iced tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic bottle
Printing Process: Flexography

In 2019, it was decided by the JAF TEA company to enter the Japanese iced tea market.

Considering that the leadership in the market has been held by the big players such as Kirin, Asahi, and CocaCola that produce a wide variety of beverages, the appearance of a competitor of such experience and competence in the segment of organic tea looks impressive and promising.

Japanese people are loyal to their local producers, however, they are eager to try foreign products provided that they are exclusive, bold, and extraordinary.

Our studio was given a task to create a vibrant design of three types of iced tea — Classic Black, Organic Darjeeling, and Lemon Black.

Contemporary geometrical illustrations were used as the foundation of the design. The goal of such an approach was to step aside from the dominant mass-market packaging and to attract the audience using a tool uncommon in the iced-tea field.

In order to merge the centuries-old tea traditions with the spirit of the modern era, we combined silhouettes of Victorian cups with simple flat graphics.

The fact that in Japan, black tea is associated with England was the reason for us to add British symbolic attributes to the label of the Classic Black Tea. Hand tea harvesting became the theme of the organic tea design, emphasising how natural and pure the tea is. And as for the Lemon Black Tea, a sunlit and daring design style was chosen.