Krikoli Chips

Derrick Lin


Design: Mos Atyan
Location: Armenia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Krikoli
Product Launch Location: Armenia
Packaging Contents: Chips
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium pouch
Printing Process: Digital Printing, Screen Printing

The client had requested to create a new brand, which would totally differ from the existing market brands with its solutions, thus suggesting a solution with emotional and philosophical synergy. The brand name was created and the task was to comply with the solutions with the name.

The client had also requested that the message inferred by the future brand should be “fun”, as the chips being classified to the cluster of snacks, should help the consumers to take a break and relax and enjoy their portion of chips, and the chips in their turn should ensure the fun part with their taste variety. In order to enhance the feeling of fun, the motto of “Fairy fun” was chosen, which then gave way to the idea of having fairytale characters. Further on, classification according to the taste and the type was implemented seasoned with bright colorful solutions. Moreover, besides the chips, the client had mentioned that other types of snacks will follow afterward, like crackers, popcorn, sunflower seed, etc.

As a result of discussions and contemplations to find an effective solution, we had come to the conclusion that the best option is to have a general name under which each type of product will represent a separate kingdom with its heroes and characters. Welcome to the world of Krikoli! Fun, colors, joy, and light accompany you here and will open the doors of the Krikoli, where the king and the queen, the prince and the princess, the clown and the pirate live peacefully and happy here!

And do you know why they are happy? I’ll tell you why! Because the delicate chips and crispy crackers have told them the secret of joy with the taste of their unique flavors, and now they want to share this with us. I promise that the journey will be fun and unforgettable. The people of Krikoli will tell you their stories and secrets. Sooo!!…. Come and join the FAIRY.