4 O’clock redesign

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Pigeon Brands
Creative Direction: Olivier Chevillot
Art Direction and Design: Nathalie Versini
Photograph: David De Stefano, Benoit Levac
Beauty Shots: Marie-Ève Grégoire
Location: Canada
Project Type: Produced
Client: Trans-Herbe
Product Launch Location: Canada
Packaging Contents: Tea

Organic and fairtrade organic tea drinkers look for simple, pure and sustainable products. Our goal was to position Four O’Clock as a flavourful high quality brand of tea made.

Four O’Clock was founded in Montreal in 1992. Previous package designed back in 2012 looked dated to perform effectively in today’s market. We needed to increase brand visibility and awareness, elevate quality perception to be considered as a premium brand, improve shelf impact to create a stronger brand blocking effect.

We worked closely with the company’s founders, mother and daughter, to elaborate the brand strategy and creative development of this new design. Bold, curious, generous, pure and creative the Four O’Clock brand is Obsessed with taste.

The black/dark colour was part of the Four O’Clock brand equity. We changed it to a blue/black more unique tint and added vibrant, appetizing and bright colours to not only convey the idea of bold flavours and generosity, but also make the brand colour blocking more distinct and visually attractive. Photographic imagery was crafted in a specific high-end style to communicate purity of ingredients. The brand signature Tea Crafter and the statement “Montreal 1992” are part of an important message to clearly communicate the brand’s creativity and Canadian, since Four O’Clock resonates like a brand from London UK to many consumers.