Hershey’s Ice Cream Bar

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Agency: Pigeon brands
Creative Direction: Bob Boutilier
Art Direction: Bruna Macedo
Design: Bruna Macedo, Isaak Man and Ryan Spencer
Illustration: Ben Garvie
Production Artist: Steve Trutschel, Martin Schilling
Beauty Shots: Marie-Ève Grégoire
Location: Canada
Project Type: Produced
Client: Hershey’s
Product Launch Location: Global

HERSHEY’S trusted Pigeon with the design of its freshest new launch. A range of candy bars inspired by top ice cream flavours just in time for summer for it’s international markets.

Strategically, Pigeon identified that ice cream was having a significant moment in both food and experience culture. Instead of jumping on the novelty of the trend, Pigeon focused on the brand insight that “experiences and connection matters most”. As a result, product taste attributes and nostalgic ice cream motifs rendered in a contemporary style instantly conveyed the innovative candy within. Inspired by colour, texture and iconography of classic ice cream culture, these elements were designed to evoke happy memories of shared scoops from days gone by. Pigeon completed the consumer experience with the design of the bar mould itself.