Tulum Coffee | Freshly Roasted

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Derrick Lin


Manufacturer: Tulum Coffee
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Roasted Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Fabric
Printing Process: Screen printing

Tulum Coffee is a specialty coffee roasting startup, and we are launching our brand on the 18th of October.

What we do?
We take green coffee beans and roast it, which can then be used to make coffee drinks.

We can assert that our coffee is really good, it will make your senses of smell and taste really pleased. But we also wanted to add something to the senses of sight and touch. So after 8 prototypes, we finally arrived on this packaging and design, that would elevate the coffee brewing experience. From the first moment, you see the packaging to the first sip of the freshly roasted coffee!

The packaging we have used is a type of canvas. The fabric makes the product feel great to hold in your hands. We have also added a velcro on it so after one is finished with their coffee, they can use the bags to store anything in it. From pencils, makeup, to a tablet!

It takes four to five days to get one bag ready and to have complete control on the quality, each aspect of our packaging process is done in-house: from cutting, stitching, to printing and fusing.

What’s Unique?
In all of the world, I have never seen any packaging like this for roasted coffee beans. And we are bringing simplicity to the world of specialty coffee, which as of now seems very intimidating.