Design: Rob Lieberfarb
Partnering Agency:
Photographer: William Shepard
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Heritage Rice Co.
Product Launch Location: United States
Packaging Contents: Premium Rice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Pouch
Printing Process: Flexography

Heritage Rice is a product from the Stewart family, a 7th-generation farming family whose traditions are deep-rooted in honesty and faithful stewardship of the land. Rob Lieberfarb explains the creative process:

“We wanted to give Heritage Rice Co. a brand identity that would communicate the rich history of the company. You hear the name ‘Heritage Rice’ and it can conjure up certain images. I was given some old photographs by the company that actually depicted their ancestors’ farming on the land. There was a photo of an old mule-drawn wagon with the rice crop and farmer. I decided to illustrate this scene in a woodcut style to set a vintage tone and use it as the main logo. The original photo is on the back of the pouch. For the front of the pouch, the logo takes center stage along with a window view of the homegrown rice. To differentiate the types of rice, we used some contrasting colorful stripes as a border. Each bag’s color scheme works on its own and when presented as a full group. The company was very pleased with the final outcome. Their new branding plays a crucial role in expanding their business.”

Heritage Rice Co.’s packaging is a perfect blend of old and new just like the company and its founders. The woodcut style illustration actually depicts how the Stewart family farmed long ago. They continue this farming tradition in today’s modern age. The logo and illustration are paired with bright stripes in perfect harmony. These color schemes excite and pop, yet work to further convey the vintage message. Heritage Rice is homegrown premium rice harvested in Missouri, U.S.A. In the package window, you see exactly what you are getting, a premium product harvested with history and love.