Kodak M35 : Unpredictable Characters

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Design: Carmen Ngooi Yeng Ern
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Student Project
School: The One Academy of Communication Design
Tutor: Deanie Cham
Packaging Contents: 35mm Film Camera
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Mounting board, Paper, Clear and tinted acrylic
Printing Process: DigitalPrinting

Film photography may seem intimidating at first but the unpredictability of the outcome of is what makes the experience so fun. It is like life and the people around us, you never really know what you’re about to encounter! This is a project that aims to promote film photography as a hobby one can just have fun with while creating memories and expressing oneself.

The Kodak M35 : Unpredictable Characters is a project targeted towards young, creative people that are interested in all things retro, self-expressive and creative (of course). The product is a 35mm point and shoot film camera that works even without batteries.

The theme ‘Unpredictable Characters’ was inspired by the unpredictable process of film. Unique characters are created, mainly to strike a chord with the users but also to display that everyone and anyone is different in their own charming way. The packaging is a box that has a sliding acrylic panel on the front for better accessibility, holes on the sides to loop a ribbon in when you want to carry it as a bag, multiple tinted perspex that has been laser cut in shapes to frame the camera in a story-like setting, the Kodak m35 camera is slotted into a foam frame that is snug, a roll of film, a battery, stickers of the Unpredictable Characters and a mini manual for the camera!

What’s Unique?
It’s not just pleasing to the eye, you can reuse the packaging as a carrier for your camera when you do photo walks! It is designed for convenience with the accessories it helps you carry. When you are done using the camera for the day, you just need to slot it back in the packaging and voila, it’s already like a display!