Design: Samantha Krugel
Location: United States
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Aluminum can, Growler Jug

SPICY ASS BEER is a bilingual, eye-catching and humorous beer design crafted with ass kicking Thai chili that burns in all the right places. Each beer in crafted with more kick than the last. The heat ranges from kick’n, butt kick’n and ass kick’n.

My idea for SPICY ASS BEER is to make a humorous and creative beer design that will offer the consumer a combination of American Hops and traditional Thai spices. The spice will evoke a Thailand experience by releasing those ‘happy hormones’; endorphins and dopamine making you feel good overall. Your tongue registers the spice as pain, soon after, the pain will turn into a form of pleasure creating a warm, tingling and exciting feeling making your body crave it.

Thailand is located in a tropic region which made Thai people adopt spicier foods to help them feel better and cool down. The results are a satisfying, healthy and refreshing addition to their daily lives. Spices also make you sweat, which helps your body cool down faster. Spicy food raises your internal temperature to match the outside temperature and spices like chilies help food and drinks stay fresher for longer periods of time. SPICY ASS BEER was created to capture a unique blend of traditional Thailand spices and American hops giving you a kick in the ass after every sip.