La Piu Belle

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Derrick Lin


Manufacturer: VIK
Marketing Director: Andrea Garcia
Location: Chile
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle with sleeve
Printing Process: Offset

In 2011 we started to create a new wine and we call it: “The Art of Winemaking”. The idea was to developed the most beautiful wine; so we put all our efforts to make a chilean assemblage but with bordeaux reminiscences.

We needed a packaging that could communicate all this, so we asked a renowned chilean artist to paint ” the most beautiful woman” in one of our wine bottles.

The artist is Gonzalo Cienfuegos and he painted a real bottle. It was a woman with very unique features & magical. La Piu Belle is an homage to art, to the importance of art at VIK and to the art of winemaking.

La Piu Belle is the goddess of nature, love, fertility, beauty and art. She is the goddess of VIK, our place of gold in the Millahue Valley. She is the mystical world’s personification of our incredible terroir.

She embodies the sun enlightening the mist covering the Millahue Valley at dawn. She incarnates the freshness of the Pacific coastal and Andean mountain breezes cooling our grapes during the luminescent summer. She is the gentle rains giving life to our vines, enhancing and liberating the fragrance of the green and luxurious native flora and fauna surrounding our vineyard. She is the complexity of our soils, the roundness of our hills and beauty of our valleys.

La Piu Belle is part of “The Artist’s Collection” ( we have a Rosé also)

What’s Unique?
One of the uniqueness is that is a piece of art by itself. The other one is that the packaging material is a sleeve, so it doesn’t have fils or serigraphy: the catchy image speaks for itself.