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Derrick Lin


Design Studio: Studio Yord
Designer: Brian Wiranata
Location: Indonesia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Louven
Product Launch Location: Indonesia
Packaging Contents: Whole Cake and Pastry
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Textured Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Louven is a pastry business that offers a variety of delicious cakes that are safe for anyone to consume, including those with diabetes. With the philosophy ‘love from the oven’, By learning healthy ingredients and recipes that are built with passion and love, Louven presents a variety of cakes that can sweeten the days of each connoisseur.

The branding is inspired by cake dough processes. Research shows that there are specific dough patterns that can be taken notice when processing a dough itself. This pattern brings us to the design of Louven’s organic logogram. The logogram is then paired with a sleek handwriting custom typeface that adds an elegant and luxurious impression to the brand. If looked closely, the letter ‘L’ of the logo word-mark is custom treated to represent a heart symbol which metaphorically pays respect to the brand’s philosophy.

Louven’s overall tone of voice plays with simplicity and elegance and that is reflected in the craftsmanship of the packaging design that symbolises Louven’s identity as a quality pastry brand. The packaging implies natural organic colors such as green and peach to bring out the natural yet elegance of the brand. The design also implies a sleek logomark being blown up in the top view of the packaging to further convey a strong and luxurious message.

What’s Unique?
Sleek Typography and minimal design ornamentations is implied to reinforce the character of sophistication, elegance and high-quality, while also printed in textured paper to further add another layer of sophistication.