Agency: Alemozaffar and Partners
Design Director: Iman Alemozaffar
Creative Director: Matin Mirzaei
Graphic Designer: Mohammad Ardashiri
Location: Iran
Project Type: Produced
Client: RENDEL Co.
Product Launch Location: Iran
Packaging Contents: Health Care and Beauty Products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Sleeve Shrink
Printing Process: Flexo Graphy

We seek to portray a simple life in a equal world created by RENDEL Health care and Beauty products packaging design.

RENDEL is a brand that produces a variety of health care and beauty products such as facial cleansing gels, makeup remover, shaving foam and many more.

The client has request a design that would be unique and distinctive from what is on the current market. This was the start of a new adventure with RENDEL. The most important aspect of Health care and Beauty products are to portrait the quality and honesty of the brand and reflect that back in the packaging.

Therefor we have preformed a thorough research and the findings about the consumer insight has shown us that “To reach a sense of deep satisfaction and reach inner calmness” is what drive RENDAL customers to choose and buy their Health care and Beauty products.

We are all grappling with a dilemma called “Covid-19” these days. In theory, every negative situation contains a possibility. We tried to take a close look to find the positive effects of the pandemic, in the subconscious of the target group. With the positive effect in mind we have come to a perfect design solution for RENDEL products packaging design.

RENDEL product labels brings the concept of a simple life in an equal world alive.

A world where all human are equal, regardless of skin color, race, beauty or age.

We placed an abstract with spot colors on front side of the product labels and used the smooth movement leading to the back of the label. The simplicity yet abstractive touch will reach the maximum audience attractions.

A great variety of colors are used to expand our design that makes the product shine on the shelf and will win the customers attention in the first second!

At last we have picked up, rotated and finalized the product, the main idea that is “The hope of survival and continuity in a happy and calm atmosphere” appears and this is what leads the audience to make a decision to choose and buy this product.

We hope that with the success of RENDAL products packaging design in the market and into the homes and daily life of consumers, will brings the inner calmness to continue living in a society together.

It is our roll and responsibility as a design studio to “change society’s perspective and make a better world together.