Agency: Armatoste
Creative Director: Ana Nuñez
Designer: Cinthia Cruz
Art director: Iván Almazán
Character design and stop motion: Graco Films
Photographer: Hilda Cervantes
Location: Mexico
Project Type: Produced
Client: Fundación Pedro Zaragoza A.C.
Product Launch Location: Mexico
Packaging Contents: Ice Cream

The launch of Copo is part of an initiative of Pedro Zaragoza A.C. Foundation, based in Chihuahua, Mexico, to help more low-income children to have breakfast daily.

We approached the project in an integral way, in collaboration with the stop motion production house Graco Films.

Three characters were created to tell Mijo’s story , a little blue monster who goes without food and over time becomes weak and can easily become ill. The story leaves us an analogy: “If this happens to a monster, imagine what happens to a child.”

Together with him, his friends were created: Copo, a smiling ice cream in a red cup, and Gogo another furry monster.

As part of the communication strategy, we designed the visual identity for the ice cream packaging. It’s sale is donated entirely to improve the nutrition of miles of children.

The logo’s graphic style is based on the abstraction of ice figures and their faceted geometry.

As complementary graphic elements, we design textures for each ice cream flavor: strawberry, honey-cinnamon and natural yogurt, which contain the main ingredients abstraction of each flavor with a graphic style that refers to faceted geometry of snowflakes.

The textures have a playful intention and essence, which is friendly and attractive to children. We must first get their attention, and then we can give them a positive message and teachings.

What’s Unique?
The result is a renewed brand identity, which can connect closely with children and sensitize people, telling them about the day-to-day reality of children who do not have the opportunity to feed daily and with a little help can improve their nutrition and entire life: “Because all dreams deserve the same opportunity.”