Pitsa “Calzone” LP

Derrick Lin


Creative: Pitsa & Universal Music Group Estonia
Photography: Mart Vares
The Pizza: Kaja Pitsa
Location: Estonia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Music
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Polyvinyl chloride, some plastic wrap and a sticker (paper, glue, ink)
Printing Process: Vinyl press

There is this Estonian band called pitsa. Who released their debut album this year. 12 tracks all available via streaming services and also on vinyl. Since “Pitsa” in the local language means “Pizza” in the wider spectrum of languages, they obviously released the lp on vinyl which looks like pitsa. Quite unimaginative yet so brave. Also… The first picture disc vinyl pressed here locally in Estonia. Also… The lp is called “Calzone” which it obviously isn’t.