Colaciones Hortensia

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Derrick Lin


Design: Marco Andrés Chiriboga
Location: Ecuador
Project Type: Student Project
School: Elisava
Tutor: Eva MInguella

The indigenous and Spanish cultural fusion contained in Quito’s traditional sweet.

The design of this package consisted primarily of observing the environment in which this sweet developed since 1915, where the Spanish cultural and religious heritage was latent. Later, and bearing in mind that Quito is not only a Spanish heritage but also an indigenous heritage, it was decided to combine elements that exhibit miscegenation and maintain this link with religion. On the one hand, we find baroque elements typical of the churches of the city and on the other hand the emblematic Diablo Huma which, according to tradition, appears as a rejection of Catholic impositions. In this way, it aims to create an environment in which ideas coexist and present in a package the reality of a multicultural and multiracial city where its citizens can feel identified to their environment through the traditional candy of the city.

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