Giallonero Malbec & Merlot Blend 2019

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Derrick Lin


Design: Disruptive
Location: Argentina
Project Type: Produced
Client: Giallonero Wines
Product Launch Location: Argentina
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Paper label
Printing Process: Offset printing, hot stamping, engraving, foil stamping

Giallonero is Finca Benteveo’s line of wines.

Located in the Valle de Uco region (Mendoza Province, Argentina), recognized for the quality of its terroir and its wines.

This young company of the Tejada family entrusted us to create the brand identity and the labeling and packaging system for its line of boutique wines. Oriented not only to exports but to a wine market such as Argentina, a saturated market, with a high-quality offer, not only for its wines but also for its design, communication, product completion … due to experience integral.

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The analysis carried out on the existing stylistic typologies led us to a strategic decision to position ourselves in what we define as a “classic modernity” in search of a timeless spirit, which in turn transmits the quality of a signature wine from a boutique winery.

As this is a new winery, lacking in knowledge or remembrance, we worked on distinctive elements that could be systematized, seeking differentiation and a “sophisticated impact”.

A brand identity is created to serve the strategic objectives of the label, the main vehicle for the brand’s commercial and emotional communication. Fonts, colors, and finishes were selected to maintain a balance between modernity, tradition, and exclusivity.

The most distinctive element in the Giallonero brand is its illustration system, designed to complement the logo and the rest of the elements in the task of creating a unique and consistent identity, with recognizable and memorable features.

What’s Unique?
Hand-drawn illustration, white foil stamping for the logo, bird heads engraving.