Mo Mo Niu Daily Nuts

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Design: Fengqiao Design
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Client: Guo Yu Kong Gu
Product Launch Location: China
Packaging Contents: Nuts
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper bag

Back when we needed to eat nuts, all need a category, a variety of flavors to buy, and now there’s the nut of the day. Seems to embrace everything, what kind of smell

Daily nuts in a different way, found the most fundamental needs of consumers. The most important need to pay attention to — health. Just like meals, it doesn’t need to be fancy, healthy and nutritious together.

One bag a day for a variety of nutritional supplements, insight into consumers’ more essential needs of product innovation

The clever and lovely mushroom cow came this time he actually played with nuts, what a restless calf. For foodies to look for good ingredients that are good and delicious. The mushroom cow is searching and exploring every day, when things get tough, it never occurred to him to retreat, have a good mood every day.

Best wishes to my foodie friends, taste my daily nut be happy every day.