Derrick Lin


Design: La Bendita Agencia
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Beveland Distillers
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Mezcal
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

Beveland Distillers, a company that has been producing and marketing spirits and distillates for more than 20 years, has launched a new mezcal called PLANTA SANTA on the international market.

The company is one of the reference groups within the sector of the distribution of spirits and distillates in Spain, which has a long history in the market and a wide portfolio of products that it exports to more than 65 countries.

And despite the negative context of crisis generated by the pandemic that has especially affected the HORECA sector, the company, thanks to its innovative spirit, continues to bet on the launch of new products with the aim of satisfying the demand of its customers and boosting the sale. Proof of this is the presentation of this new mezcal that expands its range of spirits.

Mezcal is one of the newcomers to the general public, one of the great discoveries with accumulated consumption figures that grow year after year. It has left its traditional Mexican stronghold to be a fashionable drink throughout the world, with total consumption in the international market already higher than its own in its country of origin.

PLANTA SANTA mezcal is a distillate from the green agave plant (100% maguey espadín) with more than 400 years of history, a drink highly appreciated for its rigorous production stages and strict production control in a traditional way, with a flavor unique and very particular produced in Oaxaca, a Mexican geographic area with a protected designation of origin.

With all these premises, La Bendita Agencia was the agency selected by Beveland Distillers to be in charge of the creation of the product naming and the brand design of the packaging of this mezcal for each of the 3 varieties with which it is presented to the market; young, rested and old.

The origin of the naming PLANTA SANTA aims to highlight the tradition and purity of the product itself, seeking to reaffirm its authenticity and Mexican origin. The name, created in Spanish for marketing throughout the world, helps to convey this position, evoking the green agave plant with which the distillate is produced.

The packaging pursues the objective of transmitting the genuinely Mexican character of this legendary product, with a traditional but elegant and modern look at the same time to connect with the current consumer. The logo, created from a typeface inspired by Mexican letters, provides organic shapes that evoke the leaves of the agave plant. The subtle decorative elements in white are small flashes of light that reinforce the “sacred” origin of mezcal, with an illustration of the agave and the hummingbird that, according to legend, are the protagonists of the discovery of this elixir of gods.

The characteristic blue, red and black color of its containers clearly identifies the 3 varieties with which PLANTA SANTA is released; Young, a luminous, bright, crystalline mezcal, with a very characteristic flavor of cooked agave, Reposado, with a maturation of more than 4 months in American oak barrels, and Añejo, with a maturation of more than 12 months in American oak barrels , a bright amber color and flavor where wood predominates, smoked cooked agave and hints of vanilla with light herbal notes.

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