Design: Andy Wilson
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Central Lancashire
Tutor: Andy Bainbridge
Packaging Contents: Weed Killer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood, Paper, Metal
Printing Process: Stencil

Gardeners are engaged in a never ending battle to reclaim their gardens from wave after wave of weeds. To help sway the tie in this constant battle, a wooden ammunition box filled with highly effective packets of weed killer and a booklet containing classified information to help aid you with your, War On Weeds.

I reached out to gardeners in my local area to find out their views on garden weeds, phrases that kept cropping up in responses were ‘battle’ and ‘war’. Gardeners are finding themselves at war with these garden weeds, as they’re trying to take over gardens up and down the country. So taking inspiration from war paraphernalia, more specifically an ammunition box seemed fitting.

I decided to create this piece of packaging out of wood as it was applicable to my target audience (gardeners) as I found out they like to reuse and repurpose things, so making a piece of packaging that was robust enough to last in any garden shed for several years was a key point. I also found that many gardeners didn’t know how to deal with weeds so a document was enclosed inside the packaging to give insights and solutions to this problem.