Derrick Lin


CEO: Kevin Choi
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Simply Food
Product Launch Location: United States
Packaging Contents: Vegetarian Ramen Noodles

Earlier this year, in an event that captured the attention of the world, veteran and newbie investors banded together under the r/wallstreetbets forum on popular news aggregator Reddit to trigger a short squeeze of GameStop stocks, causing the big wolves of Wall Street to lose billions of dollars.

For many, this moment represented both a protest against the current economic system and a symbol of a generational change in the culture of investing. Power had begun to shift away from stereotypical stockbrokers and toward the sometimes outlandish, app-empowered inhabitants of the internet – casual investors depicted as sitting in front of dual monitors on the edge of their seats, slurping bowls of ramen noodles while celebrating the fickle market’s epic highs and opportunistic lows.

Among these financial revolutionaries was the team at Simply Food, one of the largest privately-owned food manufacturers specializing in premium vegetarian instant ramen and rice products. Today, in celebration of those pioneering GameStop investors, Simply Food launches a unique instant noodle bowl to commemorate this epic financial event — the HODL NOODLE. Flavored with mushroom, vegetable seasoning and “the painful tears one sheds from HODL-ing,” this limited edition product is a decidedly satirical and tongue-in-cheek meme brought to life – the perfect meal for our internet age.

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Originally a typo that took on a life of its own, HODL became an internet-born abbreviation for “Hold On for Dear Life,” directing investors not to sell under any circumstances. Fittingly, HODL NOODLE packaging features the most popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the iconic Dogecoin) dangling into a delicious bowl of noodles next to Simply Food’s iconic Vietnamese lady heading “to the moon” — another popular stock market term.

For Simply Food, HODL NOODLE is not just a chance to have a little fun, but an expression of a very real passion for crypto. “We’re retail investors and we all supported the movement personally by buying and ‘HODL-ing’ both GME and DOGE,” says Simply Food CEO Thang Nguyen-Le. “While an amusing way to get to know the Simply Food brand, we also hope that this brings more awareness to the growing potential of cryptocurrencies as a whole.” In fact, Simply Food is going all-in on their involvement, with all profits from HODL NOODLE to be converted to cryptocurrencies.

Founded in 1960 under Vietnam-based Binh Tay Food Company, Simply Food is known for its quality, authentic products that have helped them become a beloved noodle brand, with products in over 210 groceries and supermarkets in the U.S. With HODL NOODLE, they have proved to be an unlikely partner for investors, providing equal parts delicious ramen and biting comedic satire.

“While Binh Tay Food represents a legacy over 60 years in the making, Simply Food appeals to the next generation of consumers,” continues Thang Nguyen-Le. “From our non-traditional spin on traditional products to our ability to approach things in a fun new way, we’re not afraid to take a chance and try something outside the box. That’s why this movement resonated with us. Crypto, in its own way, is also a next-gen deviation away from the traditional finance system. We just had to get involved.“

With the launch of HODL NOODLE, Simply Food raises a cup of their finest noodles to the underdogs who won big — and will continue to win big — as investors continue to challenge Wall Street. Get yours before they run out!