HIGH BAR : Hard Seltzer

Derrick Lin


Design: Sailee Sanaye
Location: India
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Hard Seltzer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Hard Seltzers are the sophisticated versions of beer and vodka where you want to indulge on alcohol but on a mild version. The alcohol by volume is around 5% and the calorie content is relatively low.

HIGH BAR is a speculated design of Hard Seltzer which has alcohol by volume of 5% and the calorie content very low. High Bar wants to get you mildly high even on weekdays where you are stressed, tired, meeting a friend or just chilling alone at home. Going to work next morning makes it easier with HIGH BAR concept Hard Seltzer drinks.

The HIGH BAR Hard Seltzer are made from Aluminium Cans with digital printing done directly on the cans. The design is simple and minimal making it less complicated for the eyes to choose a drink from the shelves. The colours of the cans varies differentiating it from the different flavours available. We have got Raspberry (which brings a very strong fruity flavour), Cool Blue (which has a very strong refreshing flavour making the hard seltzer pop in your mouth) and lastly Watermelon (exporting you to beaches and to the summer days where you cool off the heat with watermelons).

What’s Unique?
The approach has been given to the minimalistic identity of the cans making them visually appealing and to pop at you while shopping for hard seltzers. The flavours are refreshing while indulging hard seltzers.

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