Jaws Beer x The Humpbacked Horse Limited Edition

Derrick Lin


Design: Voskhod Agency
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

Ballet x Rap x Beer

Ural Opera Ballet is Russia’s most innovative theatre. Recently they decided to experiment with Humpbacked Horse, a famous fairytale by Petr Ershov. The theatre re-invented the Mariinsky theatre’s classical performance dating back to 1912 and added a perky hip-hop vibe to it. Ballet skirts will be accompanied by striped sports suits. EK-Playaz, a legendary Ural rap band with 20-year history, will be performing on stage next to the dancers.

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help the pandemic-stricken theatre collect money for stage props and costume production. Local Ural brands supported the initiative, demonstrating community spirit at its best. Jaws, the region’s most renowned brewery, created two sorts of branded beer (variations of IPA and Stout) to channel part of the profit to the theatre. Voskhod’s branding department developed the beer label design in beat with the performance poster.

The premiere takes place on July 9–11. Jaws and Voskhod are inviting everyone to enjoy the taste of a good cause and visit Ural Opera Ballet to see the unique performance.

What’s Unique?
The cause for the collaboration. Sales of beer make a cultural event happen. + Unique design that corresponds to the vibe of the performance