Design: Brand Loft Agency
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Plant-based Meat
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Food for a New Reality: Developing Branding for Plant-based Meat Plantanix

The agency’s assignment was to develop naming and packaging design for plant-based meat.

We started the packaging design from defining an idea in the first turn. The philosophy of plant-based meat was put into the basic – a new life for perfection, a finding of new existence. This vision has reflected in the name of Plantanix, which is of Latin origin. We created the concept of neofood and neocutlet. Neos means “new” in Greek. This expressively transfers the image of a “new reality” and a “broader view over the world.”

The product composes of two parts – pea cutlet and soy cutlet. A color code – black packaging for saturation (gurmeo) and white – for softness (delicat) – is applied to transmit the product specifics. A cutlet on a stem is a central image, the soy one is on the soy stem, the pea one is on the pea stem. And a green arc is smiling amiably. It is a proof that nobody has been injured while cooking a cutlet. A logo designed in a restrained manner with a simple font conveys the idea of a meaningful consumption.

Plantanix packaging starts a communication with the consumers from the very first moment. It is visually clear that you are facing a new product of plant origin – a new way of thinking and a contemporary approach to life.

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