Thien Tea – Vietnamese Tea

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Design: Khac Duc
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper box
Printing Process: Digital printing

Vietnamese Tea Culture with its own characteristics and quintessence, has contributed to the world tea culture. Vietnamese people are always proud of their elaborate marinade, tea making and tea enjoyment.

With today’s modern society, enjoying the quintessential teas from the past is really difficult when there are so many tea brands already on the market.

Thien Tea is a brand specializing in producing and trading teas in Thai Nguyen province – Vietnam, with 5 main products: Green Tea, Lotus Tea, Jasmine Tea, Red Tea and Black Dragon Brown Tea, Thien Tea’s mission is to bring quality traditional tea products to Vietnamese and world consumers. Tea products produced by Thien Tea originate from Tan Cuong TeaHill – Thai Nguyen Province – Vietnam, which is famous for its wide tea hills and excellent tea quality in this land.

Thien Tea’s logo is inspired by the things needed to create delicious tea leaves, which are Earth, Water and Heaven, which not all lands can satisfy like in Tan Cuong Tea Hill, where “Heaven and earth to use the flowers of the universe” to create quality tea leaves.

The images in the logo used are Sun, Water and Tea Hill to refer to the blend of Heaven, Earth and Water in Thien Tea’s quintessential tea products, and in it there is an image of Tam Quan Gate in Thai Nguyen Province – Vietnam, Tam Quan Gate carries the concept of “three ways of seeing” of Buddhism including “relevant”, “non-conservative” and “neutral”, possibly showing the beauty (false), nothingness (Impermanence) and the middle of both, the image of Tam Quan Gate here also shows the characteristics of Vietnamese knowledge from ancient times.