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Derrick Lin


Design: ArteficeGroup
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: Colussi Group
Product Launch Location: Italy
Packaging Contents: Chocolate bars & pralines
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Aluminium
Printing Process: Offset, Gravure printing

The main purpose of this project is the relaunch of an historical Italian chocolate brand, that was no longer used for many, many years.

Vialetto is born in 1893 as an Italian artisanal chocolate shop.

Today, the brand is owned by the Colussi Group and the brand is offering a wide-ranging variety of special recipes made for those who love high quality chocolate and the refined combinations of its taste.

The whole iconic system created by ArteficeGroup for this brand, is based on the late 19th century historical logo and it is inspired by the floral code of the Art Nouveau style, updated with a funny steampunk post-modern touch.

This peculiar code was used to create The Vialetto Family in which every member is linked to one of the many recipes of the range: The Founder is presented as the author of the 75% dark chocolate proposal, Lady Vialetto is the milk chocolate, Adelina is the white salty chocolate with pistachio nuts and almonds, Osvaldo is the dark chocolate with red fruits and so on.

The visual identity system is declined on all the many SKUs including chocolate bars, pralines and gift packaging. The project included the product design of the chocolate product’s shapes including bars and pralines. Thanks to its very distinctive graphic identity Vialetto is very suited to be communicated on web and social media. This brand is currently the best-selling chocolate on Amazon in Italy.

What’s Unique?
The main feature of this project is the connection of several level of brand identity and communication with the physical body of the product itself.

ArteficeGroup has been working on the product design (bars and pralines), the Brand Positioning, Brand Identity, the visual identity system, packaging design and illustrations.

The creation of a character for each SKUs generates a powerful communication tool.