Agency: ASGARD Branding
Art Director: David Avakyan
Designer: Olga Loseva
Designer: Polina Savenkova
Designer: Ekaterina Litvin
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Alkon Company
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Beverage, Drink, Beer, Malt drink
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Paper

ASGARD Branding completed the work on the new beer brand with a fresh name HYPER Super. HYPER belongs to the quite popular in the world light malt drinks with various fruit components.

Our agency was faced with an interesting task to create a bright and catchy design, clearly visible product on the shelf saturated with various brands. It had to take into account the expectations of the modern youth audience. After analyzing the situation, our specialists proposed several versions of the concepts, of which it was decided to dwell on #HomoFructus – the eye-catching mix of man and fruit.

The vivid individualization of each image clearly reflects every position in the flavor line. The light blue color unusual for this product segment has become the main visual marker of the brand. The non-standard color combination looks fresh and positively, noticeably setting the drink apart from competitors. Additional color label elements provide proposed product line extensions.

The laconic graphics of the logo is balanced by the rich color spectrum of the label and the ingenious solution of the food zone, which has become an integral part of the illustration.

On the cap of the full name of the brand HYPER Super transformed into an abbreviation HPR. This method allowed to increase the font composition and make it as visible as possible on the small area of the lid. Among other things, we beat the trends in the youth to the shortening of words.

As a result, we got an original design solution that meets the task and convincingly conveys the brand idea.