Melko – regional products

Derrick Lin


Design: Antonina Gorczyca
Location: Poland
Project Type: Student Project
School: WIT
Tutor: Justyna Kabala
Packaging Contents: Regional milk products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, plastic

Melko is the series of packagings for polish regional cheese. Every type of cheese comes from different region in Poland and is made according to tradition. The whole project started with inspiration of polish local culture and perusing folk ornaments. All the packagings include different ornaments based on costumes from regions concerned – Podhale, Podkarpacie and Sądecczyzna. The colors I chose refer to polish flag which is white and red. Quicksand font chosen for descripitions corresponds with the style of handwritten logo and decoration. The whole design was to be careless and organic, bring to mind folk aesthetics and costumes decorated by hand.

What’s unique about my projects is it’s hand made style. Copying elemnts of ornaments from folk costumes I wanted to keep the embroidery character. I decided not to follow perfect symetry and geometrical shapes. Furthermore every packaging is compleetly different in shape but labels create very consistent and connected series.