Agency: Digital Factory
Head of marketing: Elvina Asatryan
Location: Armenia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Yerevantsi restaurant
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Restaurant supplies
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Yerevantsi is a new restaurant in Yerevan, Armenia, that has recently started its operation as a new entertainment place. The word itself means from Yerevan, so the general ideas of the branding were inspired by the great history of the city and all details related to it.

The local market in Yerevan is very competitive with thousands of stylish restaurants. So a new, different branding that will be different and unique was our first challenge. So, we realized that everything we do should reflect the real character of Yerevantsi. Since Yerevan is known as a hospitable and warm city, Yerevantsi must be relevant to him as well, with his image, design, and interior but yet have a modern and stylish solution.

The main challenge for our team was to give national but international breath at the same time. The branding ideas should be appropriate for the whole image of Yerevantsi ( person from Yerevan) who has traveled a lot but still returns back home with his friends, including foreigners who are interested in the national kitchen and not only, to enjoy all the goods and the warm atmosphere of the world-known pink city- Yerevan.

After long-lasting brainstorming sessions, our team developed the following solution.

Inspiring from the ancient Urartian inscriptions found in the city, we created the most appropriate logo and characters of the Yerevanian atmosphere. With the new branding, most of the details of Yerevan city became a part of Yerevantsi too.The dishes of the restaurant, the brand story, menu, and the interior are full of picturesque manifestations of Yerevan, founded a thousand years ago. And Finally, the brand story that we have created was about Yerenatsi who returns home after a long time living abroad and discovers that their yard is not there anymore and finds Yerevantsi as a new place to hand out going forward.