Armenian Jam



Design: Mos Atyan
Location: Armenia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Armenian Jam
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Jam
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass
Printing Process: Digital printing

I create this package, I think, what is necessary to create a design, which in turn attracts the attention of people. Snaчаala я studied ы for a long time, understood the specifics of the product, obsessed with the order. Aesthetically eye beautifully. Finally, я hotel creates a style of minimalism, which is why it is so attractive to me. Thus, as the product stands, it decided to create a very strict flower bloom. All this’s a necessary reflection па packaging. all 25 names, but on this platform я presented only 3 types: clubhouse, raspberry hedgehog. I was skeptical that the results of the year or the illustration of the design of the packaging would not make the difference, but she realized that I found it necessary and better to find an interesting and attractive solution. It’s sick modern և minimalist, possibly a futuristic story. The idea of such a design approached me, when I looked at the cans in the oven, in a semi-dark state, everything looked like that. And he decided to create his ego in their flowers. The names “confectioner” and “jam” are also used for the designation of prints in France and England, respectively, the recipe for analogs of Russian cooked – candied fruits and rye].

Confectionery and jams are produced as in domestic conditions, as well. Narudu with cooking, confectionery and jam allow for a long time eating fruits, and also use in beer tvardie (ava) or with a special taste (for example, lemons) and their variety. Such a ability to preserve fruits was rare and rosy, he began to spread the way in the XVI century, when in Europe began to set three-year sugar from America. Mass cooking, jams and confectionery lice in the void in connection with the spread of the so-called lighthouse Sahara in the XIX century.

The confectioner often uses it as a semi-finished product in the confectionery department, in part – as a way to bake confectionery and when he presents a room of iron confectionery (can be classified as a student, or as a student) In contrast to the cooked product, the product should not be left whole, and can be destroyed in the process of boiling or it will be otherwise cut or crushed, and the syrup must be obtained consistently jelly and not left unattended.

A confectionery can be called a variety of jam prepared with the addition of ferrous metals, for example, pectin or agar agar]. According to the modern Russian GOSTAM, the jam and the confectioner differ from another consistency, in the first one – the iron man, and in the last – the iron man, the desire for happiness in such a case, and so on. More differences can be made in the volume, which for the confectionery, in the form of jam, the use of the extraordinarily explicit syrup is allowed.

In the absence of iron-rich additives, iron-based consistency is reached for the use of syrup with high content of pectin, which passes through the time of boiling in syrup ․ Ready-made product does not have to be saccharified during feeding. Sahara contains 65%, confectionery and jams, as well as other types of canned fruits, do not need sterilization for nutritious food.

Jams and confectionery can be vitaminized, that is, prepared with the addition of vitamin C and others.I would like this design and information to be published.Thank you