Derrick Lin


Agency: Thisis Peas
Creative Director, 3D Designer: Volodymyr Shyika
Creative Director, Graphic Fesigner: Karina Shyika
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Pumpkin Pasta
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Recycled paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Longi pasta is a recently created brand of pasta that focuses on classic and vegetable-enriched pasta. And there no wonder that they are happy to introduce a new limited taste of pasta in the autumn.

Create a new eye-catching packaging for the limited taste and keep the main elements of the existing brand identity

We kept all of the key elements of the previous packaging design, such as typography and layout grid. But we also focused on the cap of the tube packaging.

Our idea is based on the unique curvature shape of the main ingredient. With this pumpkin shape, we could not only show new limited taste, but we gave the customer chance to feel tactile the curved shape.

Advertising campaign
For the introduction of a new line of limited taste on the eve of Halloween, we decided to make series of render shots with packaging, main ingredient, webs, flying clothes to emphasize the autumn atmosphere.

Have fun and don’t be a scaredy-cat.