UNO | Fashion Brand

Derrick Lin


Design: Sayed Gaafar
Location: Egypt
Project Type: Produced
Client: Maaj Holding
Packaging Contents: Clothes Box, Clothes Bag, Clothes Label
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Plastic, Fabric, Wrinkled Paper, Silver Foil ,Pop’Set Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing, Foil stamping

UNO is an Italian brand that was launched in the United Arab Emirates in 2020, and it means the only or unique of its kind ,The logo was designed in 2019 and our direction in designing it in this way was to create mark that reflects the meaning of the name and the state that the store wants to convey to its customers that they will live a unique experience with its products It also reflects the meaning of classic luxury to express the types of products offered by the store.

For that Special Someone | Fashion is one of the main tools of people empowerment. Able also to raise confidence and security. And that is what the brand is inspired from, to bring satisfaction to people through a positive and pleasurable experience of buying a new look. To make them feel elegant and confident and make them feel how much they are unique when wearing the brand.

UNO is a high fashion clothing brand especially for woman’s and men that works with classical and timeless concepts of the huge woman’s and men clothing universe, using techniques that combine refinement and convenience. With this project, the company wanted to be visually positioned as the biggest international brand in the segment. The challenge was to build a visual identity with a Luxury, minimal personality and elegance without being as trendy as fast-fashion clothing brands.

Unique as you | Those who are interested in the latest fashion aspire to own unique pieces of the latest fashion, so the store’s message is to try to notify its customers that they will buy a special piece designed specifically for them. Hence the idea of focusing on the phrase “for that special someone” and printing it on all elements of identity, the most important of which is the box, which is characterized by luxury And elegance to convey the feeling to customers that this piece is specially designed for him, especially if the customer is going to gift it to one of his acquaintances and loved ones.