Packaging Manufacturer: GPA Luxury
Design, development and manufacturing: GPA Luxury
Press Release: Warren Consultancy
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Cosmetics
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wet-press moulded pulp | FSC-certified paper

GPA Luxury have unveiled the results of their latest project: a line of fully biodegradable luxury pack styles. Dubbed as “Eco-Logic” packaging, the new range features three distinctive packs, all of which have been constructed from moulded pulp and FSC-certified paper and card.

One of the packs has a telescoping design and one a shoebox design, while the third is a standing pack with a hinged door. For each pack, a moulded pulp insert was manufactured using a wet-press technique, which gives a precise and refined finish comparable to thermoformed plastic. The big difference with moulded pulp is that it is fully biodegradable!

Moulded pulp aside, there are some distinctive, sustainable features on these packs which warrant closer inspection. Two of the packs boast biodegradable aluminium transfer paper, a sustainable alternative to standard silver card, which is coated in polypropylene film. The third is wrapped in a mock-suede material which is made from recycled cotton flock and recycled paper.

This exciting new range was designed to showcase GPA Luxury’s capabilities with moulded pulp within the cosmetics sector – and we have to say, we’re impressed with the results!

What’s Unique?
Eco-Logic is a new approach to packaging from GPA Luxury that incorporates eco-friendly materials and processes at every turn. To showcase exactly what we can do for brands within the cosmetics sector, we crafted a range of biodegradable packs using wet-press moulded pulp and FSC-certified paper.