Bean to Cup | cama café Costco New Year Gift

Providing consumers with freshly roasted specialty coffee every day is the brand value that cama café insists on. In every cama café store, there is always a roasting machine roasting the freshest coffee beans. You can smell it as long as you pass by the store. Fresh coffee aroma, follow the coffee aroma in the city, you can find cama café stores to brew the best quality and freshest coffee for you.

The packaging design strategy takes the gift box sales and displays field as the core thinking. Taking into account the display and sales in the supermarket store, the first task of the packaging design is how to attract the attention of the consumers in the store to the cama café The visual design of the product is based on the main yellow of the brand identity, and a large number of yellow is used to form the structure of the packaging design. Bright and conspicuous gift boxes can be found far away in the store. The packaging structure also takes into account the store’s placement on the ground. The stacking method adopts a large area of rectangular packaging so that the gift boxes can be stacked and placed in the store steadily. The Tray of the gift box has also been designed and considered, and the brand identity of cama café can be displayed when displayed at different angles. With the increase in the number of packaging displays, brand identity can also be used as the City Pattern to increase the brand’s eye-catching degree in the store.

The illustration design is based on the brand value of cama café: professional, freshly roasted coffee as the theme, depicting the situation in which the brand symbolic character Beano is roasting. The style of painting is chosen to be presented with some exquisite prints with some retro styles, showing the exquisite craftsmanship of professional baristas. With top technology, the overall presentation of the packaging design is like a toolbox or suitcase for a coffee roaster, allowing consumers to enjoy the freshest coffee beans provided on-site from coffee roasting, echoing the brand proposition of cama café.


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