Biscotti Amaretti for El Corte Inglés

Meteorito Estudio

Valencia, España

Packaging Biscotti Amaretti for El Corte Inglés

Biscotti Amaretti packaging project for the El Corte Inglés Gourmet Club, a special edition of cookies made with the almond paste by Chiostro di Saronno, an Italian pastry company specialized in the production of cookies, panettones, and liqueurs since 1847.

The commission consisted of creating a classic-style design that was consistent with the traditional and artisan image of Chiostro di Saronno that would convey the high quality of its product. Our proposal was to play with a universe of performing arts in the purest Italian carnival style to transport the consumer to an opera, a play, or a classical ballet with a symphony orchestra. Based on the metaphor of elevating the product to a work of art.

The result is a can illustrated manually and historically with many details, with ink reserves to enhance the gold finish of the metal and with a multitude of volumes in the characters, scrolls or curtains.