Meteorito Estudio

Valencia, España

Brand, packaging and look&feel project for Arima, unisex cosmetics for online sales, conscious, sincere and with a grateful attitude towards nature. Their aim is to make people happy by promoting inner beauty through skin care. They do not focus on rejuvenating but on providing good aging.

The design had to be the flagship of Arima’s philosophy: “beauty goes beyond the material and sensory, it can be pure and austere and the simple can rise to the highest summits of pleasure”. Simplicity has been the basis of the branding, resulting in a brand of simple and stylized shapes whose letters “A” could evoke the height of the mountains, the state of connection with nature but also with the immaterial or the inner world. An allusion to the meaning of “Arima”, soul in Basque.

All this means that the packaging follows an essential, neutral and “plastic-free” line, with white silk-screened glass containers. The boxes are produced with Grass paper, a vegetable fiber alternative derived from grass that helps to conserve natural forest resources. The shipping boxes are designed to save resources and be more sustainable, using different labels and various models of internal trays that allow different combinations of products to be combined in the same box.

The art direction of the pictures emphasizes the products’ naturalness, in direct coexistence with nature through living elements such as moss, lichens, branches or the earth itself. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and being in the most every day and austerity can be full of emotion and feeling, you just need to know how to see it.