Meteorito Estudio

Valencia, España

Brand and packaging design project Müix for Barquellas Snacks. A Valencian brand of gourmet nuts, a brave bet for innovation, combinations and flavors to awaken feelings and pleasures giving a twist to the family tradition of the company. The range consists of two different categories, democratic and premium. The Müix brand is a nod to “La Muixeranga”, the traditional festival of Algemesí, the company’s place of origin and known worldwide for its human castles.

On a visual level, the awning, as a popular festive element, is reminiscent of the striped textile print of the typical clothing of the celebration. Our packaging proposal consisted of creating different illustrated characters to represent the characteristic flavors of each mix. The farmer rooster for the “Rustic Mix”, the authentic traditional flavor of the village; the baseball raccoon for the “Yankee Mix”, the American flavor with a mix of smoked BBQ and spicy notes of chili; the boy scout bear for the “Hunny Mix”, the power of Tex-Mex with the sweetness of honey that will take us back to childhood; the master sensei cat to represent the “Exotic Mix”, a trip to a Japanese sushi bar with a mix of wasabi, citrus and pepper; and finally the poodle with a Marie Antoinette look for the “Royale Mix”, a sweet and sophisticated flavor that will transport us to the French campaign’s confectionery with aromas of orange, pistachio and honey.

Each product has also been differentiated by color and type of packaging, flat inks with heat-sealed pouch for the democratic ones and metallic colors with doy pack for the premium ones. It has been a comprehensive branding project in which, in addition to branding and packaging, we have developed POS displays, a launching box with a complete range, a corporate dossier and a website.