QingYou Studio x YunNan brown sugar|brand packaging design



QingYou Studio x Yunnan brown sugar

Original brown sugar brand packaging design

As a landmark product of Yunnan, brown sugar is closely related to the attributes of tourist cities.

The inspiration of Qiaojia brown sugar box comes from a trip in life. We integrate creative elements: air tickets, password locks, suitcases, creative water cups, etc. the inner structure is a separate “blind box” square lattice, each lattice is filled with a proverb, which is full of ceremony

There are four innovations in the product design of Qingyou:
1. Structural innovation
Unique theme design of the suitcase
2. Industrial design innovation
Match with a foldable water cup
3. User experience innovation
Every box is a life motto
4. Material innovation

Suitcases can also be used as jewelry storage boxes for recycling