El néctar de Los Guardas – Vermouth

Emi Renzi

There, in the mountains of Patagonia, this nectar is born thanks to the collection of carefully selected flowers, botanicals and spices from the Mendocino soil, a region that owns the land and climate that has provided us with the richest world-class wines for many years.

So what better place to aromatize the fruit of the vine that is offered to us?

This is how El nectar de LOS GUARDAS was born, the combination of quality raw material, added to the knowledge of years of how to treat more than 30 botanicals, floral spices and herbs together with the best Mendoza wine.

But there is a special seasoning that is poured into this extremely precious “Vermouth”, valued and protected by us because it comes from the Heart: the will, the dedication and its elaboration come precisely from there and when it comes from the heart it cannot fail, it is not negotiated And we keep it inside of us.

Everyone has this condiment there, it is unique and they add it to the things they love to do, that is precisely our case and we pour it into this nectar so that it is special and different from everyone.

This appetizer called The nectar of LOS GUARDAS is made with specially selected botanicals, floral spices and maceration processes in controlled environments.

It is a light and sophisticated aperitif, with well-protected secret touches.

Modern and aromatic. Made with a high quality and very balanced wine to enhance the flavor of all the components that accompany it to leave in your hands a true nectar that deserves to be protected and adored.

  1. Vermouth Rosso is intense, creamy and slightly sweet.
  2. The Vermouth Bianco has a floral aroma, it has a sweet flavor and citrus touches.
  3. The Vermouth Rosé contains liquorous red fruits, citrus and floral spices.



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