“Data visualization” is the concept put forward by Zhiyuan for conventional product design. Renhe Group has acquired a number of enzyme research and production institutions through capital operation, becoming the most powerful enterprise in terms of technical reserves and patented seedlings. Due to the creation of technology Renai and a large number of technical patents, these advantages are the most valuable information for consumers, so Zhiyuan uses Renhe’s unique product code to create the main visual elements of the packaging, and the clever fusion of data and herbal illustrations conveys The essence of the thousand-year-old Chinese medicine culture has the ultimate fashion beauty.

The high-end rose enzyme is positioned as a commercial product and adopts the high-grade image of forest green. The choice of forest green not only expresses the awareness of environmental protection, health, safety and nature, but also makes the whole package surrounded by a sense of quality. With the rose born from the sun as the main element, it becomes more three-dimensional in a convex form. The bottle is also made of roasted gold roses, like a pair of eyes in the packaging, sparkling, echoing the commercial sense of the outer packaging.