Gringo Cool – EVOO Ceramic bottle


Cactus Canyon Ceramics has commissioned us to make the original designs for their new release.

In this case, the decoration of its ceramic oil bottles, together with the new design in the bag-in-box packaging format that will be marketed in the USA, under its Gringo Cool extra virgin olive oil brand.

Gringo Cool is one of the first extra virgin olive oil brands that began betting on the commercialization of olive oil in the B2C direct-to-customer channel in the US. Based on his experience in the sale of other products that he already marketed in the US market. His idea with this project is to promote his EVOO through a quality promotional gift that is practical and useful. A decorative gift with the added value of being hand-painted by hand, which serves for daily use and maintains the brand image in the consumer’s home, increasing their memory and loyalty towards it.

With this packaging design project for olive oil, Gringo Cool introduces a new presentation that is not very present in the American market and unites it with its flagship product, handmade ceramic crafts of Spanish origin.

Gringo Cool has a highly identifying image that connects with the essence of the American consumer through the packaging design of its products. For this reason, we have maintained the design style and product image in the new sales format. Its vintage style, always on 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard, with a very simple design in a single color, stands out in this 2L bag-in-box sales format for the conventional blend oils of Spanish origin that it markets in the USA.

A larger packaging format for a product that is gaining followers and where Gringo Cool does an informative and almost educational job teaching its use, how it is tasted raw and showing recipes for cooking with extra virgin olive oil or introducing oil cans to be used at home with more comfort the bag in box format by filling them. We also contribute to the concept of container reuse in American middle-class homes.

Under this idea of reusable containers, Gringo Cool has thought of creating a series of designs to capture on ceramic bottles and to form a collection of bottles.

For this, we have designed the first ideas under three different motifs: suns, olives and a motif of Sevillian tiles, all representations closely related to Andalusia. All of them, with patterns that facilitate their manual painting on ceramics.

The concept of reusable packaging is gaining popularity among consumers who are increasingly aware of the health of our planet. Gringo Cool presents a reusable packaging for its olive oils, the oil can. These are made by local artisans in Spain, who paint them in a completely handmade process.

In order to create a production that is as equal and homogeneous as possible, we have made several original designs through illustration, which allow the artisan to follow the design and capture it on the bottles one by one by drawing with a brush. In the designs, we have left a space to place the brand logo with decals and further personalize the ceramic bottles.

Even so, the most beautiful thing about these reusable oil cans is that you will not find two the same, if very similar, but never the same.



Art Director: Javier Merino
Creative Director: José María Martínez
Cactus Canyon