Nuve Olivo – EVOO label design


Nuve Olivo “Cumbre” is a project of the Elia Oil oil press. It is born between the clouds at the top of La Tiñosa, where the ancient olive trees that surround this mountain are located, taking care of their green fruit. A blend of hojiblanco and picudo varieties protected with the Priego de Córdoba Protected Designation of Origin that will position itself among the great gourmet olive oils in the area.

Elia oil wants to take maximum care of the image of its product brands, which is why it has commissioned us to develop the design of the brand’s visual identity and the packaging design of the containers for its two brands of oils Nuve Olivo “Cumbre” and Entre Nuves.

Nuve Olivo “Cumbre” is the premium concept of packaging design for an extra virgin olive oil, based on its label design, where simplicity makes the brand of an EVOO brand great.

The Nuve Olivo “Cumbre” brand is a brand design concept, where the logo retains a strong heritage style.
This transmits all the value and heritage of the Andalusian olive tradition. The typeface is a modern take on the serif type, updated to evoke a contemporary, on-trend design. The letters in the logo design have been personalized with a lettering job to give them a unique and original character.
We have drawn the “U” creating a silhouette of an olive leaf, an element that connects the brand to the product.

The icon of the logo is formed by the surrounded olive leaf that creates a radiant figure. In the center it houses the “N” for Nuve creating a recognizable monogram. The corporate color of the brand is deep blue, an elegant color that manages to highlight the brand from its competitors. In this premium line we incorporate a light blue, which evokes the color of the sky, connecting with the theme of clouds and the high altitude olive grove.

The label design has an original and unique shape that we have created by combining the shape of a diamond that superimposed on another rectangular shape with its sky blue background perfectly highlights the NUVE OLIVO brand.

The gold stamping finishes create a perfect pairing with light and dark blue; the decoration has been created from a pattern made by olive leaves and olives.

We use the best greaseproof paper on the market with a special adhesive for placement on decorated bottles, a greaseproof oenological-based support that does not stain with olive oil and is easy to clean. A design paper for labels from Manter Fedrigoni, Nature Greaseproof FSC that also allows us to perform fine and delicate hot stamping on it and the correct printing of color masses on the backgrounds.



Art Director: Matteo Manini
Creative Director: José María Martínez
Elia Oil