The Neat Trick

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Yari – the unusually brewed bond – comes together to amalgamate the spirit of celebration with friends and family, while simultaneously infusing cultural nuances and flavors into their beer. Yari is shown with a simple yet sophisticated design that catches the eye, featuring vibrant colors in perfect harmony with the diverse range of ingredients used. Whether it’s mangoes, Naga chili, or rice, symbolizing regions such as Uttar Pradesh, North East India, and Rajasthan respectively, each element is presented in a minimalistic yet classy manner.

The hand-gripping beer glass depicts a range of skin tones, adorned with distinct accessories that change with every beer variant. The beer’s color, be it a lager or a wheat beer, is also differentiated, with the showcased ingredient gracefully being added to the glass. The Yari typeface incorporates the letter “Y” which resembles the Hindi “य,” leaving an instant impression on buyers. With an uncluttered approach, Yari stands out as an unusual yet exceptionally designed beer.

Curator’s Insight: The design of Yari is simple yet sophisticated, capturing the essence of each beer variant with vibrant colors and minimalistic graphics. The hand-gripping beer glass is a clever way to showcase the different skin tones, accessories, and beer colors that represent the regions and ingredients of India