Derrick Lin


Cafélimo’s coffee-based lemonade sounds like a delicious surprise for the taste buds, and the packaging design adds a layer of intrigue and charm to the whole experience. In this edition of Curator’s Insight, let’s take a closer look at what makes it stand out.

At first glance, the Cafélimo 4 “Paq” packaging looks really interesting. Mr. Bear – the charming character that adds a unique and memorable element to Cafélimo’s packaging design. He’s the embodiment of Cafélimo’s personality. He is your friendly, furry delivery bear, on a mission to bring joy and refreshment to your day.

The personalized opening of the box that simulates the unloading of the product is pure genius. I feel that it’s not just about getting to the drink; it’s about the anticipation and excitement that builds as you “unload” it. The pink self-adhesive tape that recalls the truck’s visual is a small but impactful detail and the wording “Sip and roll” adds a touch of fun to the product.

Cafélimo 4 Paq designed by Bang Bang tells a story, creates anticipation, and adds a human touch to the brand. I feel that it makes a good gift for a little surprise waiting to brighten up any occasion.

Agency: Bang Bang
Creative Direction: Simon Laliberté
Art Direction: Simon Laliberté & Corinne Bachand
Boxes Design: Corinne Bachand
Illustrations: Corinne Bachand & Marc-Étienne Gingras
Project Coordination: Marion Saint-Sernin
Studio Photos: Luc Robitaille
Can design: Don Carlo studio